Harvey Robbins' Productions

Harvey Robbins has been producing major doo-wopp concerts in New England since 1985Harvey Robbins and is the president and founder of The Doo-Wopp Hall Of Fame Of America®.

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He was an original member of Boston's doo-wopp group, The Interludes, in the late 1950's and never outgrew his love for the music and those who recorded the songs from that era. The Hall Of Fame evolved from his desire to

The Doo-Wopp Hall of Fame of America recognizes great American artists for their contribution to this important art form.
Through the Doo-Wopp Hall of Fame, Harvey has brought recognition to a great musical heritage and talented artists.
honor the artists who had provided generations of "forever teenagers" with timeless music and memories.

Robbins was a basketball columnist covering the Boston Celtics for years during the glory years of the team. He is also recognized for his 25-year devotion to the preservation of historic Prowse Farm outside of Boston, a cause that resulted in a significant environmental preservation victory for his activist group, "Friends of Prowse Farm" over Motorola's development plans. Robbins earned the coveted

"Audubon A" award for spearheading the tenacious crusade. He has also authored two books on the fight to save the historic farm from the clutches of corporate and political greed.

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